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Customer support

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The Pet Tutor Customer Care Team is ready to help you get started!

  (live support email:Support@PetTutor.Biz)

Look for Pet Tutor BLU in the Google Play Store (not all Androids are supported) or Apple Store. The following videos will walk you through the process of learning more about the app. All features are available on both Android and iOS.

NOTES on using with the Pet Tutor Mini. The app does work with the Pet Tutor Mini however the following limitations apply:

1. The app screen will show the Mini as Gen 3.

2. The auto dispense in the app does not apply. For auto dispense in the Mini see the instructions that were emailed with the Mini.

3. Bark mode and sound trigger mode DO work for the Mini.



Pet Tutor App User Guide

Pet Tutor Blu - Android app basic install and use

Pet Tutor Blu - iOS app basic install and use

Overview of Pet Tutor Blu system

Pet Tutor app Bark Reduction and Sound Trigger(Android & iOS)

AUTO or Timed Interval mode(ex. reduce barking)


NOTE: This is a discontinued item. The new Mini Clicker is for the Pet Tutor Mini

Smart Clicker User Manual

Smart Clicker 101

TILT Mode - Used For Enrichment Games & More!

Changing the battery and switching modes 

Pet Tutor app connecting and using Criteria function

Which Generation Smart Clicker Do I Have?

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