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We Just Can’t Resist Puppies! Why?
Puppies are like gremlins. They bite everything in sight, including our hands, pant legs and favorite shoes. They pee all the time, chase after every moving object, and just like human toddlers are a ton of work! Yet, for some...
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The Joy of Shaping In Dog Training
There are few things more exciting for a trainer than working with a dog on shaping a new behavior through clicker training. From teaching the dog to lie down on his bed, to retrieving objects, or flipping a light switch...
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Easy Potty Training Instead of Housebreaking
Teaching a dog good potty habits as well as house manners in general, is about making sure he’ll develop the habits of behavior that we’re looking for(the opposite approach of 'housebreaking' uses punishment). Building strong habits is no different than...
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