What is Dogineering? We coined that term to describe our obsessive desire to engineer new cool pet tech stuff for dogs. But, we don't want to keep all the fun to ourselves (we're not resource guarders). So, with Pet Tutor Open Architecture, inventors and makers can create custom applications or entirely new commercial products using our patented smart dispenser! If you are: an engineer, programmer or maker this section is for you!

On this page are a few examples of the innovative applications our users have created to take advantage of the Pet Tutor Open Architecture.  This means anyone with a little knowledge of programming can create their own device or software that uses the Pet Tutor Smart Training Feeder to deliver a treat wirelessly.

No royalty or up front fees! Access to our dispenser interface (Bluetooth®4.0) is free and very easy to use.

So, we hope this may spark some ideas of your own!

Check out our GitHub for code from us and other Pet Tutor users!

If you have any questions, please contact: Support@PetTutor.Biz



This video shows a customer having their dog use a smart tablet to trigger the feeder using an app developed by them. When the dog touches the screen the custom app triggers the feeder. The tablet could be located in another location.

Motion Triggering has been used before for passing through doorways and sending a feed command to the feeder.



NC State researchers use computers to train dogs

Researchers at NC State have used a computer to train a sit with the aid of Pet Tutor!

"The PetTutor feeder provides a powerful platform for creating all sorts of exciting tools for a new generation of computer-savvy trainers and computer-savvy dogs."
David L. Roberts, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University

New Product Developers

PupPod launched a successful crowd funded project for a new interactive internet based game using the Pet Tutor Smart Training Feeder and our open source architecture. 

TrainAway developed an app to counter condition noise sensitive dogs using the Pet Tutor. 

The examples above are submissions from users. Pet Tutor does not warrant or offer customer support on any of the adaptations shown.