"..non-aversive, high-tech, science-based super fantastic dog training toolmakers, the guys who made the Pet Tutor....This is such a huge part of the future of dog training, leveraging technology to deliver treats for both operant and classical applications. The Academy supports this effort and encourages everyone interested in humane and evidence-based methods to support this..."

Jean Donaldson, Founder The Academy for Dog Trainers[Renowned authority in dog training and behavior]


Make the Most of Your Pet’s Day With Pet Tutor®

Designed for fun. Engineered with a bunch of awesome benefits.

Whether awake or asleep—whether home or away, you want your pet to be stress free, to exhibit good behavior and to have fun along the way. Pet Tutor® is a revolutionary advanced smart wireless system for training, feeding and enrichment using positive reinforcement. The smartphone app use the microphone* to detect sound reward your pet for good behavior and/or reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and so much more, like that all-important grooming! It does so by reliably and quietly dispensing treats at the push of a button. You can reward your pet manually or automatically from the app. Most of all, Pet Tutor® is fun and provides countless hours of enrichment for your pet, such as agility training! *iOS app detects barking now (Android version will add bark detection soon).

 Smart Clicker In treat ball

We’re Talking Seriously Reliable

The very definition, from top to bottom

The jam-resistant silicon brushes accommodate various sizes and shapes of food and treats in order to deliver one to a few treats at a time and with precision! This is important in making sure training is positive and effective for your pet. These durable brushes can be washed in the upper rack of the dishwasher too! Reliability, meet consistency!

"I love how I can use my Pet Tutor® to play games with my dogs that keep them mentally and physically strong. Plus we are having fun."  -Misty MIlls

Pet Tutor Feeder and Floor base

Decidedly Quiet

What you don’t hear is what you get

Some pets can become scared with loud noises, so when we developed the all-in-one Pet Tutor®, we wanted to make sure it was a quiet system. This system is so amazingly quiet that it helps assure treat distribution is a positive reinforcement. Silence never sounded so good.

 Pet Tutor in soft sided crate

Versatility Is Key

One of the reasons we’re such big fans

When developing Pet Tutor®, we wanted it to offer many options for every day life—it’s one of the many features we love most!

It can be placed on the floor,

It can be put on a crate.

It can be put in a car,

Anywhere is great!

Well you get the idea…

And one more thing! It also has a five-cup capacity for your dog’s favorite dog food or treat…perfect, in every way for every day.

"Yesterday Emma the Anxious Beagle was literally chewing the doorframe, when I left home. Today, with the Pet Tutor® on, she doesn't even notice me leaving. This. Is. Awesome." -Tracy Krulik

Science and Engineering on the Cutting-Edge

Life just got a little easier for you and your pet

The science and engineering we put behind Pet Tutor® is crucial in making sure we’re offering a product with added value. By combining technology and the principles of positive reinforcement, along with a better understanding of animal behavior, it lets us deliver a product that allows your pet to be engaged, entertained and trained. But we don’t stop there. Our vision at Smart Animal Training Systems™ is to not only provide products that are all about positive reinforcement, but to create opportunities for Professional Trainers, Pet Parents and their pets to enjoy the benefits and possibilities of bringing together Science, Fun and Pet Training into an all-in-one revolutionary system.

So Many More Benefits

Let Us Count the Ways

When it comes to the Pet Tutor®, there are many additional benefits that meet your needs and gives you endless possibilities to stimulate and have fun with your pet.

  • It’s built for power as it can be connected to the wall or battery driven.
  • Stay connected with all your devices, such as your Smartphone, laptop or even a webcam! Look for our Smart Accessories coming soon!
  • There’s nothing that says “have an easy day” better than automatic as it lets you perform reinforcement training while you’re gone!
  • It’s not just another pretty product; it’s durable made of top-notch materials that are dishwasher safe and perfectly designed for your pet!
  • Shhh! Don’t tell your pet, but it’s healthy too, promoting slow interactive natural feeding with a chase feed option.
  • So much more! Pet Tutor® is easy to learn and easy to use! We would love to tell you about all the amazing features and benefits!


What To Expect From the Pet Tutor® Team

We love what we do, and we’re here to help!

When it comes to our customers, whether it’s Professional Trainers, Owners (Guardians) or their pets, we’re passionate about what we do! Our team of professionals not only want to do our very best to educate you on the Pet Tutor®, System, but we also want to answer any questions you might have. We’d love to hear the creative ways you use Pet Tutor® as well, so don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Say YES to Positive Reinforcement

And take the guesswork out of pet training

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