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What is the Smart Training Feeder?

World's Most Advanced Training & Play System!

The Smart Training Feeder is a patented revolutionary smart wireless training and game system for your pet. Reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and more. Provide hours of fun and interactive play for a more joyful fulfilling day. Turn feeding time into a natural, energy burning chase and play activity. Silent, reliable jam proof design is the choice of top trainers!







    "’s easy to get addicted to the Pet Tutor...After hearing all the buzz about it from several of my trainer friends, I purchased the device a few months ago, and after a quick, easy setup, my dog, Cody, was addicted to it in less than three dispenses (and so was I)!"
    Whole Dog Journal -Gear Of The Year

    "The Pet Tutor is top of the line.."

    "We have used the Pet Tutor system with our dog program and have found it very useful in reinforcing dogs that are being quiet in their kennel during training sessions with other dogs and have found it a very useful enrichment tool. We are pleased with the versatility that it offers."
    Ken Ramirez, Executive VP of Animal Care & Animal Training John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago








    • Quiet

      It is the number one feature people swoon over, you can't hear it working. Your dog will not be afraid of the sound.

    • Treats and more

      The Smart Training Feeder loves all kinds of treats and is jam-resistant. Really, as long as it does not drip and it is the appropriate size, it will dispense.

    • Flexible Mounting

      It can be placed on the floor, It can be put on a crate. It can be put in a car, Anywhere is great!

    • Positive Reinforcement

      Fun training using kind, humane, scientific methods to change unwanted behavior. Plus, it's high tech and wonderful way to bond with your pet.

    • Phone Application

      We have a free app available on iOS and Android. You can change settings on the fly, trigger your Smart Training Feeder, and train your pet however you like!

    • Battery or Wall Power

      Power up with either two D-batteries or plug in to wall power.


    What kind of treats can I put in the Pet Tutor®?

    Most dry and semi moist treats or food will work. Our unique patented design also means there are no gears or disks to change for different sizes. In fact many customers "trail mix" cut up string cheese, hot dogs etc with regular dry food. The design also means it is virtually jam proof. Dishwasher safe parts!

    Does Pet Tutor® use batteries or wall power?

    Either way! Regular(non-rechargable) "D" cell batteries(2 not included) OR wall power. It was designed for low power so batteries should last a long time. Use it in the car or places without wall power. If you need to leave it on for long periods the wall power adapter(included) is a great option.

    How quiet is it?

    "Amazing" is the word we hear most often from people who hear(uh not hear) it run. The special dispenser system was designed for silent operation which means it will not bother sound sensitive pets or disturb other 2-legged animals.

    Does Pet Tutor® have an app?

    Absolutely, we have apps for Android and iOS. You can manually trigger one to eight feeders(ex. kennels) from your smartphone. You can also put the smart dispenser into automatic mode to deliver food over a time interval. The phone/tablet controls the dispenser via Bluetooth 4.2(typical range is 100-200 feet depending on device)

    Can I write a custom app or develop my own toy to work with Pet Tutor®?

    You bet your! Developers and universities now use Pet Tutor to write custom applications that need a handy way to dispense a treat. We support the use of Pet Tutor for other products such as gaming and training applications or just for fun. Contact for details if you are a programmer or an engineer.

    What's the Smart Clicker™?

    The optional Smart Clicker™ is the newest addition to the growing Pet Tutor family of smart pet technology. It is not required for our smart dispenser but it can be used to create interactive pet games or record training data. In Tilt mode the Smart Clicker turns regular treat toys into dynamic new games for dogs plus the treats stay of the floor! Create a doggie touch activated game or to track data from a clicker training session. The Smart Clicker can be used alone or with the dispenser.



    I bark obsessively at the doorbell. Before the Pet Tutor® my parents were considering a shock collar for me. No pain for me my parents use the Pet Tutor, a kind, humane and delicious way to reduce my barking.

    Barking Help!


    My dad said the next time I destroy something he is marching me to the shelter. Pet Tutor® will help me understand my crate is a safe place while my family is away.

    Crate Help!


    You can call me "Taz". I am adorable and smell of sweet puppy BUT I have a boatload of energy. Two things about me: I love food and toys. The two together are a heavenly combination. Our Smart Training Feeder plus our Smart Clicker™ with touch sensing in a favorite toy is the perfect solution to enrich (aka tire) your pet.

    Energy Help!