Getting Started

User Guides to setup the Pet Tutor Mini Feeder, Mini Clicker and various accessories. (support page--> link

Quick Start:

(WiFi option) For WiFi and internet use(recommended)

1. One-time setup the feeder to access local WiFi. --page 9 wifi setup

2. Open the webapp using the personal link in your confirmation. Note: This can run on phones, tablets or computers ie any place where browsers work.

(Bluetooth option)For iOS and some Android* phones

  1. Plug in feeder to turn on.  Put in about 1/2 cup dry food initially.
  2. Install Pet Tutor BLU* app (OR ...turn the optional Mini Clicker)
  3. Press connect in the app.. OR ...the Mini Clicker will automatically connect
  4. Press feed in the app or big button on Mini Clicker

*Not all Android phones are supported. For this we recommend using the web app instead which is faster and uses wifi.  Another option is the Bluetooth Mini Smart Clicker.

The Pet Tutor(r) Mini feeder and the Mini Clicker each support both Bluetooth devices(smartphone) and WiFi(internet). Our app Pet Tutor BLU or the Mini Clicker(optional) are quick and easy ways to connect, but are limited to the range of Bluetooth Low Energy(50-200 feet). WiFi/internet allows for greater range and features; however, this requires credential setup covered in the instructions below. 

Tip: Some dogs may be afraid of the beep/buzzer so we suggest turning off the feeder buzzer initially ---> buzzer on/off video

3 ways to wirelessly trigger the Pet Tutor Mini feeder:

1. Mini Clicker(optional) This is by far the simplest approach. Just turn on the feeder and the Mini Clicker.  They automatically connect to each other using Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). (note: disconnect from app if using it)

2. Pet Tutor BLU app(see limitations on support page for the app). Install the app but be sure and give it location permission and turn on Bluetooth on the phone. The app will also allow the control of multiple feeders. (note: turn off Mini Clicker if using it) AUTO mode is not available in the app but is on the web page.

3. WiFi (internet). This requires more setup in the feeder(see below) but provides the greatest range and flexibility.  For example you can use any camera to watch your dog and trigger the feeder from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. 

Customers have suggested these foods/treats: Fromm , Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials, Instinct Raw Boost, PPP Turkey, Duck and Quail, Charlie Bear(original), Zukes Mini. 3 or more treats per inch(ie 1/3 inch or smaller works)

Treat size


Mini Clicker --> link

Pet Tutor Mini user guide and WiFi account setup --> link

Pet Tutor Mini with UNO cartridge assembly --> link

Pet Tutor Mini with Tumbler assembly --> link

Pet Tutor Mini web page control User Guide for Web page remote control page --> link 

Your web control page link will look like this:

Just replace your-email-address with the email you provided when you ordered your Pet Tutor Mini in your favorite brower URL. You should see a web page like the one below. NOTE: Before you can use WiFi in the Pet Tutor Mini it must have the credentials loaded for the local WiFi router and your Pet Tutor cloud account(use your email address). As described in the above WiFi directions.

 Pet Tutor Mini web control page


 Tumbler Changing Treat Wheels

Adjusting kibble delivery(to fix jamming etc).

Setup the feeder for WiFi(see user guide).  Then go to the control page and hit feed to make sure the feeder is connected to the web. Go to Settings and Settings via messages to switch to Tumbler type hit gray button.  Next enter a new angle(typically 20-40) to reduce or increase the amount delivered.  This may take some experimenting as each type of food is different.  

Kibble not coming out when Tumbler is full. Try this tip:

 KLIMB(tm) adapter for Pet Tutor Mini


Using Pet Tutor on a Wheel Chair

Example Permobil 



Q: What do the lights mean on the feeder?

A: Yellow=Buzzer ON/OFF, Green=Power on, Blue=Flashes for feed (there are no buttons)

Q: Which food/treats are recommended for use in the feeder:

A: Small size kibble or treats are best. Customers like: Fromm , Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials, Instinct Raw Boost, PPP Turkey, Duck and Quail, Charlie Bear(original), Zukes Mini.

Q: Which external battery should I use.  

A: There are options for USB external batteries but this one by Anker is popular --> link

Q: UNO is dispensing every other time.

A: This is because the feeder is setup for the Tumbler and not the UNO cartridge. here is how to switch --> Tumbler/UNO food container settings

Q: Can I use the Apple Watch to trigger the Pet Tutor Mini?

A: Yes using the WiFi feature in Pet Tutor. Use the built-in, hidden browser by sending your web page control link thru a text message, then you can open via the Watch messages app. You can also use email to open the link. A few 3rd party browser apps exist for the watch but they do not have the same functionality of the built-in one.

 Q: Is there a quick way to open my web page control on my phone?

A: Yes.  On both iPhone and Android you can save the link to an icon on your home page.  Then click the icon to immediately open your web page control.

 Q: The Pet Tutor BLU app (or Mini Clicker) is not connecting to the feeder(Bluetooth).

A: The key to keep in mind is the feeder can only connect to ONE Bluetooth device at a time.  For example if a phone is connected and you try to connect a tablet or a 2nd phone the feeder will not show up. It is important to close the app on other devices and make sure the Mini Clicker is off unless that is the device you want to use.  A second most common issue is not giving the Pet Tutor BLU app "location" permission.  Bluetooth is called "location" but the app does not use location. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and make sure all permissions are given the app.

Q: How can I keep the feeder away from the dog.

A: Never leave the feeder where the dog can get to it without supervision. Or some dogs may try to nose or bump the feeder. Here are some great solutions:

1. Put the feeder on the edge of counter

2. Hang it or put it on top of a wire dog crate.(we also offer the optional Mini Crate Mount)

3. Hang it on the wall from a strong hook

4. Put on a tripod(good for agility). The disk that comes with the feeder has a small 1/4x20 screw hole that will fit most camera tripods

Q: The Mini Clicker is not connecting on Bluetooth to the Pet Tutor Mini feeder.

A: Keep in mind that feeder can be controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth so this will only address the Bluetooth connection.

1. Make sure the battery in the Mini Clicker is charged

2. Has another device (ex phone/tablet) been connected to the Pet Tutor Mini feeder?  The feeder can only connect to one device at a time.  So disconnect the Bluetooth app(Pet Tutor BLU) in order for the Mini Clicker to connect.

3. If the Mini Clicker is not able to find the local Wifi router turn off the Wifi by putting the Mini Clicker into "AP Mode" (see user guide on menus).

4. Is the Mini Clicker out of range?  The range is typically 30-50 feet

5. If there is more than one feeder (Mini or Gen 3) the Mini Clicker maybe connected to a different feeder.

Q: How do I update the firmware?

A: Make sure you have initialized the credentials for WiFi and your cloud account(see user guide) 2. Open the web page and go to settings--> Update devices,


Q: How do I attach the KLIMB adapter to my KLIMB table?

A: KLIMB adapter video.