Connecting Phone app to feeder

To connect the phone/tablet to the Pet Tutor follow the sequence below.

This applies to the app Pet Tutor BLU (not Pet Tutor RT)

Install the app: iOS(Apple app store) , Android(contact Support@PetTutor.Biz) for prerelease Android app.

Make sure your phone's bluetooth is turned on. 

  1. Start the app
  2. Press Begin Training
  3. THEN turn on the feeder(not before the app)
  4. An icon of the feeder will appear with a checkmark on the right  
  5. Press the checkmark to connect and it will turn green("connected").
  6. Press Start Training
  7. Press FEED button in the app.




1. I do not see anything after pressing Begin Training.Pet Tutor Connect Devices

a.Is the feeder turned on? (After 15 minutes of no activity on battery the unit will turn itself off to save battery.)

 b.Is the phone's bluetooth turned on?

 c. Was the Pet Tutor connected to another app or another device? The feeder can only connect to one device at a time. So make sure it is disconnected from other devices before trying to connect with a new device. This also applies to other 3rd party apps that work with Pet Tutor.

 d. Is the phone within range of the feeder or is there a barrier that may block the signal(ex.metal appliance)? (Generation 2 feeders have a range of about 30 feet and Generation 3 feeders have a range of 100-200 feet)

e. Was the app given permission to location/Bluetooth during the install? note: We do not use the location, but some installs use "location" for Bluetooth access.

f. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and make sure you give it permission to access your Bluetooth(your phone may refer to this as "location" but we do not use location).

 2. The "checkmark" does not respond.

-DO NOT try connecting to Pet Tutor from the phone's settings. If this happens you may need to restart the connection procedure. Just make sure the bluetooth is turned on.

3. The connection is lost.  

a. If the phone moves out of range or is blocked (ex. something metal) the connection may drop.

b. Some other bluetooth device or activity may overload the phone's bluetooth or interrupt the app. For example a Bluetooth headset, phone call or video notification(ex, webcam)

4. The FEED is not responding. Contact Support@PetTutor.Biz

Restarting the procedure: Turn off the feeder and close out the app. Make sure the phone bluetooth is on and start over with the connection procedure above.

Need help? Contact Support@PetTutor.Biz