Pet Tutor Attachment Kit for Klimb Table

$ 29.95

The KLIMB™ table from our friends at Blue-9 is a very popular product for dogs.  The KLIMB™ is designed as a training tool for basic obedience to freestyle training.  As trainers ourselves we recognized that being able to treat on the KLIMB™ at a distance with the Pet Tutor® offers a great way to create exciting new training scenarios. So, we put our "dogineering™" team to work inventing the Pet Tutor® attachment kit for the KLIMB™. The feedback from a group of trainers doing early testing has been fantastic.

A unique locking system uses any of the 4 legs on the KLIMB™ to firmly attach the Pet Tutor to the KLIMB™ table. Once mounted on the KLIMB™ table treats can be delivered at a distance using the Smart Clicker™ or our phone app. 


- 2 plastic attachment parts for the KLIMB™

*Not Included:

- KLIMB™ table

- Pet Tutor® feeder

- Pet Tutor® Smart Clicker™ 

- Other mounts or accessories

Instructions on how to attach to table: