Crate/Wall Mount - Lifetime Warranty

$ 49.00

New!  Black hard coating over stainless steel(it may last until the next ice age)

Our crate mount is so durable we back it with our Lifetime Warranty! *

Now you can mount Pet Tutor® on the outside of a crate, kennel, X-pen, chain link fence or even a cargo crate wire door!  But wait! It doubles as a wall mount too! The rugged steel crate mount provides an exciting option for easy feeding or rewarding of your dog.   This allows the feeder to be mounted out of reach of the animal or for easy access to refill food.  The crate mount has a small spout which hooks onto a wire of the enclosure and which delivers kibble or treats onto the crate floor or into a bowl(bowl not included).

This is a great option which takes up NO space inside the crate. It also makes it easy to add food from outside the crate.  The material is stainless steel with a black powder coat paint finish.

Our engineering team has also been hard at work to make sure this crate mount will fit onto a variety of wire barriers. We have tested the unit on : standard wire crates, cargo crates(wire door), exercise pens(X-Pens),cargo crates and chain link fences. So whether you have a single crate or multiple kennels this accessory is for you. But wait there's more!  With the Pet Tutor(r) feeder's unique locking system the feeder can be rotated in the crate mount to optionally deliver treats into a bowl directly below the feeder outside the crate.  Deliver food/treats on either side of the crate with just a twist!

You will be amazed at how flexible this mounting system is!

Included:  Black metal crate mount, pair of quick release attachment snaps.

Optional: Pair of Elevator bolts (see Shop) when the crate may vibrate. ex cars, energetic dogs!

NOTE: Be sure and checkout our Snap'y Fit Bowl for a perfect companion to the crate mount!

*See terms of service for details. This applies to crate mounts purchased on or after 1April2016 (no fooling)

 How to Attach the Crate Mount to a Crate:

Pet Tutor with crate mount Snapy'y Fit bowl and our smart game from Wesley Anderson on Vimeo.