Crate Mount - Standard Duty

$ 29.95

Pet Tutor® Crate Mount - Standard Duty 

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Our Pet Tutor Standard Duty Crate Mount is a great alternative to our Heavy Duty Crate Mount. We found that many of our home users do not need the heavy duty option, so we created a lighter weight option: the standard duty!  It is much easier to travel with and fits inside our Travel Bag with ease. 

The crate mount provides an exciting option for easy feeding or rewarding of your dog. This allows the Smart Training Feeder to be mounted out of reach of the animal and for easy access to refill food.  The crate mount has a small spout that will fit through crate openings of 3/4" or larger.  Our reusable zip ties hook onto a wire of the enclosure and delivers kibble or treats flawlessly onto the crate floor or into a Snap'y Fit Bowl.


  • Standard Duty Crate Mount
  • 2 Reusable Zip Ties

Not Included:

  • Smart Training Feeder
  • Travel Bag
  • Crate

Made In Indianapolis, IN USA American flag