Getting Started


The Pet Tutor® Team is ready to help you get started with live support if you like.  But if you want to dig in a little on your own first below are links to videos and user guide materials.  

Contact: Support Center or  email to and we can schedule a phone call or video chat if needed.

We also offer free live webinars that are announced via email to our customers.

On Facebook the popular Pet Tutor® User Group is another resource only open to our customers by invitation. Just email with your order# to join.

WARNING! Only use the wall power adapter provided with your unit. Other adapters may damage the dispenser.

Tutorial Videos

(Note: "Quick Start" is not yet available in generation 3 products)

Quick Start (you will be treating in 3 minutes!)(video 3:03)

After the quick start setup you can install the app on your phone.


Pet Tutor appInstalling/using the "Pet Tutor Blu" app on smartphones or tablets




First go the app store for your device and install the app(Android or iOS) on your phone or tablet. The following videos will walk you through the process. 

Pet Tutor App User Guide

Pet Tutor Blu - Android app basic install and use (video 5:34)

Pet Tutor Blu - iOS app basic install and use (video 5:55)

Overview of Pet Tutor Blu system (video 5:40)

Pet Tutor app Bark Reduction and Sound Trigger(iOS) (video 9:44)


Smart Clicker™

Smart Clicker Tutorials

Changing the battery and switching modes(video 4:36)

Pet Tutor app connecting and using Criteria function (video 5:05)

Smart Clicker User Guide



TIP: Do not remove the thin clear film over the photo-eye below the brushes.

General User Manual(note the manual covers both the original Pro and the new Bluetooth Pro)

Using the feeder Part 1 of 2 video 4:21 (Using Floor base and cleaning)

Using the feeder Part 2 of 2 video 4:23 (Using the 3 buttons on the feeder)

Installing the Small Treat Adapter(optional in store) video 0:33 (reduces # treats)


Pet Tutor barking dogApplications

Bark reduction in a multi-dog setting

Bark reduction in the car

Training Multiple Dogs

Slow down eating and crate puzzles (note : Optional Smart Clicker replaces remote in toys)

Nose Targeting

Teaching calm behavior in crate in a car

Conditioning on an exercise disk