What is the Smart Training Feeder?

World's Most Advanced Training & Play System!

The Smart Training Feeder is a patented revolutionary smart wireless training and game system for your pet. Reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and more. Provide hours of fun and interactive play for a more joyful fulfilling day. Turn feeding time into a natural, energy burning chase and play activity. Silent, reliable jam proof design is the choice of top trainers!


"...it’s easy to get addicted to the Pet Tutor...After hearing all the buzz about it from several of my trainer friends, I purchased the device a few months ago, and after a quick, easy setup, my dog, Cody, was addicted to it in less than three dispenses (and so was I)!"
Whole Dog Journal -Gear Of The Year

"The Pet Tutor is top of the line.."  

"We have used the Pet Tutor system with our dog program and have found it very useful in reinforcing dogs that are being quiet in their kennel during training sessions with other dogs and have found it a very useful enrichment tool. We are pleased with the versatility that it offers."
Ken Ramirez, Executive VP of Animal Care & Animal Training John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago