Professional Trainers

 Professional trainers share their thoughts about Pet Tutor®:

"I wish I had these 40 years ago! The Pet Tutors® that you've designed and are distributing are just marvels. They are orders of magnitude better than the feeders of old. It is possible to use so many types of food in these feeders and have them dispensed with precision and reliability. They are light years ahead of what we had and frankly light years ahead of anything I've seen in the recent markets. It’s limited only by the user's imagination." 
Bob Bailey, Former CEO/COO Animal Behavior Enterprises, international consultant. [trained 20,000 animals across 140 species!]

"..non-aversive, high-tech, science-based super fantastic dog training toolmakers, the guys who made the Pet Tutor....This is such a huge part of the future of dog training, leveraging technology to deliver treats for both operant and classical applications. The Academy supports this effort and encourages everyone interested in humane and evidence-based methods to support this..."
Jean Donaldson, 
Founder Academy For Dog Training, Emeryville, California

"We have used the Pet Tutor system with our dog program and have found it very useful in reinforcing dogs that are being quiet in their kennel during training sessions with other dogs and have found it a very useful enrichment tool. We are pleased with the versatility that it offers."
Ken Ramirez, Executive VP of Animal Care & Animal Training John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

I have used a variety of soft and hard food treats in my PT as I work with multiple species. I LOVE my new toy!
Ken McCort, Four Paws Doylestown, OH

The Pet Tutor® is an amazing new product that can revolutionize your training.
Malena DeMartini-Price, Author, Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

 As I described yesterday, the PT has changed our lives. Piper now listens for it, rather than being fixated on the taunting of the squirrels and chipmunks.
Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC, Certified Behavior Consultant

Norwich, Vermont,  "Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook"
DVD: "Clicker Train Your Own Assistance Dog"

As a professional trainer I absolutely love my Pet Tutor®. I don’t use it with every dog, but the ones that need help relaxing in the crate or just in a room away from me it’s invaluable.

Marty Strausbaugh KPA-CTP, Pawsitive Training Center Anderson, California

U really thought about everything! It rocks. Nothing but best wishes going forward. Proud and excited for you! My dogs already love it :0)

Kevin Knartzer Tails Up Paws Down Indianapolis, Indiana

I want to thank you for the PetTutor®! It is my go to for teaching puppies all the foundation behaviors. I use it daily to teach everything from going to a bed and staying, straight fronts in obedience, as well as contact heeling for ring. Because it is so quiet, I find it optimal for dogs afraid of mechanical noises! Again, thank you for the PetTutor®!

Elissa Cline Dog Training, Ohio

Yesterday Emma the Anxious Beagle was literally chewing the door frame, when I left home. Today, with the Pet Tutor® on, she doesn't even notice me leaving. This. Is. Awesome. 

Tracy Krulik

 Proud Momma Moment: Roo was able to sit quietly in his crate while I taught an entire hour of puppy class this evening. He didn't bark a single time! Before we began using the Pet Tutor he would have been stressed and barking off and on throughout the class.

Jamie Popper, The Dog Smith Orlando, Florida

Honestly though, while a great training tool, i am not sure you realize you are changing peoples lives, their dogs lives, for the better. Really, changing! Saving! Earth shattering! Its been an amazing experience and can only get better...thank you!

Cassi Anderson

I love the Pet Tutor®. It’s everything I ever dreamed it would be.
Beth Mattei-Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
First Class Canine

We received our Pet Tutor® last week and LOVE it!!! So far, every car ride has been relaxing and uneventful with our very nervous pup lying down relaxing and waiting for his treat. Yay!!! After 6 months of extremely stressful car rides filled with panic attacks and reactivity, this is life changing!!! Thanks so much!!! 

Kristin Hohlt

Using the AWESOME Pet Tutor® to teach independent treadmill and agility teeter skills!

Marti Wiseman

Anyway, thank you so much again for your revolutionary contribution to positive dog training! And your fast and friendly customer service.

Roz Ferber

At the top of the technology heap is Smart Animal Training Systems’™ Pet Tutor®. The dog treat dispenser is a shining star beaming with endless pet training and enrichment opportunities for dogs

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