About Us

Pet Tutor provides a positive reinforcement training method through the use of simple, reliable and adaptable technology that enhances the training experience of trainers, guardians and their pets.

Our Team

Wes Anderson, President/Founder

MS Statistics, BS Electrial Engineering, and Dogineer-- Wes is a man of many talents! His background includes: Electrical Engineering, Science, Dog Training, and Service Dog Volunteering. You gotta love this guy! He is our founder, fearless leader and a compassionate dog enthusiast who is intensely dedicated to helping people train their pets using scientific-based positive reward training paired with 21st century technology. Years of training his dog T.D. and his volunteer work with service dogs convinced him to take his big idea from a sketch on a napkin to the most effective tool you will ever own for your best friend. Wes knows that the family pet has a deep-seated positive effect on the lives of millions of families and believes Pet Tutor can assist these families in owning a well behaved and happy pet. Lead on Wes Anderson..the pets and their humans of the world ..say “YES” bring on the smart technology!

Email: Wes@SmartAnimalTraining.com

Amanda Hessel, V.P. of Marketing and Sales

In addition to her career in medical sales and the wholesale/retail business, animals have played an important role in Amanda's life. Her deep affection for dogs inspired her to volunteer for a non-profit service dog organization and poodle rescue. The training for her volunteer position convinced her that positive reinforcement training for animals is the best and most humane method. Her background combined with her deep belief in positive reinforcement training and love of meeting new people empowers her to help pet owners, trainers and retailers discover better tools for working with their pets. She has also been involved in the evaluation and testing of Pet Tutor and other smart products with her own dogs (two standard poodles and a great dane).

 Email: Amanda@SmartAnimalTraining.com