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We believe new smart technology will help to make positive reinforcement training the easy first choice of all pet professionals and pet parents.

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“TD” (stands for Touch Down)

TD is our team mascot and he is a big Indy Colts fan. He is a pretty lucky dog because he started out getting adopted from a rescue group 11 years ago by our founder Wes Anderson. As a puppy he ended up needing 3 legs rebuilt, but he is a happy energetic boy today. Wes also feels like he is pretty lucky too because TD taught him how fun and effective positive reinforcement training can be. After trying out his hand (uh paw) at different activities including agility and competition obedience TD found his passion in therapy work. He has done reading programs, nursing homes, a Veteran's Hospital and other activities, but he loves working with a children's grief counseling program in Indy called Brooks Place. Keep your eye on TD and Smart Animal Training Systems they are going places!


Wes Anderson, MS Statistics, BS Electrical Engineering, Founder and Dogineer(TM)


Wes is a man of many talents! His background includes: Electrical Engineering, Science, Dog Training, and Service Dog Volunteering. You gotta love this guy! He is our founder, fearless leader and a compassionate dog enthusiast who is intensely dedicated to helping people train their pets using scientific-based positive reward training paired with 21st century technology. Years of training his dog T.D. and his volunteer work with service dogs convinced him to take his big idea from a sketch on a napkin to the most effective tool you will ever own for your best friend. Wes knows that the family pet has a deep-seated positive effect on the lives of millions of families and believes Pet Tutor® (patented) can assist these families in owning a well behaved and happy pet. Lead on Wes Anderson..the pets and their humans of the world ..say “YES” bring on the Smart technology!

Amanda Hessel, V.P. of Marketing and Sales












In addition to her career in medical sales and the wholesale/retail business, animals have played an important role in Amanda's life. Her deep affection for dogs inspired her to volunteer for a non-profit service dog organization and poodle rescue. The training for her volunteer position convinced her that positive reinforcement training for animals is the best and most humane method. Her background combined with her deep belief in positive reinforcement training and love of meeting new people empowers her to help pet owners, trainers and retailers discover better tools for working with their pets. She has also been involved in the evaluation and testing of Pet Tutor® and other smart products with her own dogs(2 standard poodles and a great dane) 


Jennifer Cattet, Ph.D Ethologist, Trainer and Behaviorist


Jennifer has dedicated her life to working with dogs, but she also has experience raising and training horses. She grew up in France and co-authored the first clicker training book published there. She has helped hundreds of owners develop a more fulfilling relationship with a special emphasis on improving the dog/human bond. Her impressive history includes serving as director of training for a prison-based service dog training program supervising the training of many service dogs. She was also part of a research team who confirmed the ability of dogs to detect changes in blood glucose levels through scent. Today, Jennifer also works with Smart Animal Training Systems on the development and testing of reward based training protocols used in the Pet Tutor system. She is also our featured blog author providing tips and insights across a variety of topics.

Jack Topham, Sales Consultant




With 30 years of experience in industrial sales and management, Jack is also contributing to the development and marketing of technologically advanced dog training products for Smart Animal Training Systems. For the past few years his focus has been on understanding both humans and dogs and helping them develop a relationship based on trust and understanding. He has helped many dog owners deal with difficult situations with their dogs and has contributed to the training of several service dogs.



Walter, The Great Dane


Wal"I love my job, the pay is delicious" says Walter. When not napping and chasing things, Walter works to stay tuned to dogs and #PetTech on the Internet, specifically on Twitter as @WalterGreatDane and Instagram as terTheGreatDane.






David Nelson, CEO / Founder, Duffek LLC
David has a background in Computer Graphics and Entrepreneurship. His focus is on building strong business relationships while exploring new technologies and products. David is attempting to make the world a better place by designing software before producing it. David loves the startup culture and is a willing mentor to anyone looking to take the leap and start his or her own business. When he's not pounding on his keyboard, on the phone talking with clients, or telling a story to someone, you might find him whitewater kayaking around the Southeast.



John Blue, Chief of Community Creation for Truffle Media Networks

John works to engage audiences on issues of importance and concern about food, fuel, and fiber. John is helping Smart Animal Training Systems to connect with pet parents, veterinarians, and fans of dogs through social media. He is also helping provide information on technology approaches to support Smart Animal's product launches. John, his wife Emily, and their sons Ryan and Cameron, live in Indianapolis, Indiana.




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