Dream Team

    The Pet Tutor Dream Team was designed specifically with the Pet Tutor User Group in mind. As a member of the Pet Tutor User Group, you now have access to a special shop on our website. This shop is different from the shop that you all know and love in the fact that this shop is only for BETA products not released to the public yet

    When you purchase one of the BETA products, you officially become a part of the Dream Team for that product. The feedback we receive from you on the product impacts the changes we make before it is released into the shop officially. Once you have purchased the product and provided feedback on the product (using the form in the product description), we will send you a finalized NEW version of the product FREE!

    NOTE: PLEASE do NOT share the link with individuals outside the Pet Tutor User Group. This is designed for YOU only!

    Sorry, there are no products in this collection.