Small Treat Adapter

$ 7.95

Pet Tutor® Small Treat Adapter  

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The Small Treat Adapter is intended for the Pet Tutor Smart Training Feeder. For most treats or dry kibble the number of pieces dispensed is fine with our standard brush treat delivery system. However, to reduce the number of small (pea size or less) treats/kibble or some disc shaped dry kibble this adapter may help.

The Small Treat Adapter is designed to restrict the number of small (pea size or less) treats or dry "kibble" that can be dispensed in one cycle of the feeder.  The function of the adapter is to reduce the number of kibble that are dispensed in one dispense cycle.  Typical results for small kibble are around 1-3 dry kibble per dispense cycle although with variation in kibble/treats results may vary. 

The adapter is easily installed by pulling off the brushes and slipping the adapter over the drive spindles for the brushes.  

Note: Because the adapter is designed for small kibble it restricts the flow of kibble from the dispenser and should NOT be used with medium or large size kibble. 

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