Training made
easy and fun.

Our Smart Training Feeder reduces ‎unwanted behaviors with your pets‏‏‎ food, easing household stress.

Does Your Pet Struggle With...

Excessive Barking

Does your pet feel bored or alone? Maybe it's startled by sounds, like the doorbell or others walking around in the house.

High Energy

Do you have a young pet or an older pet who thinks they're still young? An energetic breed or pet?

Separation Anxiety

Does a panic attack occur every time you leave the house?

Don't Struggle Any Longer!

Training your pet can be hard. Our products make it easy, providing positive reinforcement through the use of reliable, adaptable, and fun technology, enhancing the training experience.

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Smart Training Feeder
Smart Training Feeder
Smart Training Feeder
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Feature Benefit


Your pets favorite treats or food will deliver flawlessly, no matter the size! Even use a mix of different size treats!

Dishwasher Safe

The blue tube, the brushes, the lid, and the cap are all dishwasher safe! The main component can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Incredibly Quiet

Incredibly quiet treat dispensing, allowing for the pet to not be scared and the individual to not get annoyed.

Versatile Mounting Options

It can be placed on the floor, It can be put on a crate. It can be put in a car, Anywhere is great!

Extended Range Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, your phone/tablet works 100-200 feet away from the feeder, and the Smart Clicker works up to 500 feet away! 


Mode Benefit
AUTO Tell the app how often to dispense and just hit go
BARK Phone application feature withholds treats when pet makes noise/barks to reward quiet.
SOUND A verbal marker like "yes!" can be used to trigger the feeder. This can also be used in grooming instances for clipping nails or trimming hair. 
TILT** This optional mode is used in conjunction with our Smart Clicker to play enrichment games. 

Mounting Options

1. Hang From Handle: Hang it on a hook, kennel, or on top of a wire crate. Purchase the optional Feeder Hook* to simplify this process!


2. Travel Bowl Set* or Floor Base*: Optional Travel Bowl Set or Floor Base can set on the floor or counter. The Travel Bowl Set is more portable, while the Floor Base is a better option for working on grass or uneven surfaces. 


3. Standard Duty Crate Mount* or Heavy Duty Crate Mount*: Optional Crate Mount can mount outside the crate or kennel.


4. Attachment Kit for KLIMB Table*: If you already have a KLIMB Table, this is the perfect accessory mount for the Smart Training Feeder. 


Ships in Approximately 1 - 2  Business Days

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"...non-aversive, high-tech, science-based super fantastic dog training toolmakers, the guys who made the Pet Tutor

Jean Donaldson, The Academy For Dog Trainers

The Pet Tutor is an amazing new product that can revolutionize your training                                   

Malena DeMartini, Author & Separation Anxiety Expert

...found it very useful in reinforcing dogs that are being quiet in their kennel during training sessions with other dogs 

Ken Ramirez, Karen Pryor Chief Training Officer