Ultra Calm Collar by Pet Acoustics

$ 69.95

Ultra Calmer
Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar
Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Noise Phobias

To calm your dog we think the Ultra Calm is a great tool alone or in combination with Pet Tutor®.

Clinically proven music to relieve canine stress
​For Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Why it works: Dogs hear twice as much as we do so hearing sensitivities is a major part of a dog’s life, especially during a thunderstorm. The collar device is centered between the dog’s ears which focuses their acute hearing on the calming music, masking the agitating sounds, diminishing anxiety.

Each collar is 3/4" W
- Pre-loaded Music
- Water resistant
- 3 hour battery charge
- USB magnetic charger included
- Continuous play
- Up/ Down SafeVolume© Control
- On/Off button

What is the difference between the Ultra Calmer and Pet Tunes?

The Ultra Calmer has a completely different design of music than Pet Tunes. Though both units calm canine anxious behaviors, the Ultra Calmer is to be used as an immediate relief source using specific music tones near in close proximity to your dog's ears. Their acute hearing during thunderstorms or triggered noise phobias will be detoured and masked using Ultra Calmer. Pet Tunes is designed for more ambient disbursement of modified sounds to calm your dog and sustain a sense of well-being. The Ultra Calmer will play continuously for up to three hours.

Pet Tunes' music is also enjoyed by people but Ultra Calmer is made just for canine responses. Ultra Calmer is also modified with our Safe Volume© design. This means that humans will find the music very low in volume but this level is just right for your dog. Another difference to Pet Tunes is the close proximity to your dog's ears which diffuses intensity of the agitating sounds.

A natural and easy way to address canine noise phobias.