Ultimate Game Package
Ultimate Game Package
Ultimate Game Package

Ultimate Game Package

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At Pet Tutor we believe learning should be fun and what is more fun than playing a game or solving a puzzle?

Choose from one of two size options:

  • "Original" Smart Training Feeder holds 5.0 cups of food and is 10.5 inches tall.
  • "Shorty" Smart Training Feeder holds 3.0 cups of food and due to its portable 8.5 inches tall. "Shorty" is more travel-friendly.

The only difference between the "Original" and the "Shorty is the shorter tube. The Floor Base allows you to set the feeder anywhere you like.

Choose from one of two interactive toys:

  • Kong Wobbler™ (Small or Large)
  • IQ Ball® (Small or Large)

The Smart Clicker can go inside either of these toys to let your dog trigger the feeder by touching the toy. The Kong Wobbler tends to stay where you put it, while the IQ Ball rolls around for the dog to find so you can mix up the game action.

Ultimate Game Pack and PupPod Bundle Comparison:

What is the PupPod and what’s the difference with the Ultimate Game pack? 

PupPod, Inc. is a 3rd party company focused on games for dogs which utilize the Pet Tutor feeder. The PupPod has several levels of challenge's using sound cues to tell your dog when to touch the toy. At the main level the Pet Tutor Ultimate Game Pack works very similar to the PupPod but the PupPod offers other levels to extend the game play. The Ultimate Game Pack includes the Smart Clicker which can also be used as a remote control so it has flexibility for other training uses.

If you want the basic game play and the ability to use a wide range of toys and have a separate remote then the Ultimate Game Pack is the answer. 

If you want a longer game time and sound triggers the PupPod can give you those.

What's Included?

  • Pet Tutor Smart Training Feeder ("Original" or "Shorty")
  • Pet Tutor Blu Application on Android or iOS
  • AC Wall Adapter/USB Cord
  • Quick Start Instruction Guide
  • Pet Tutor Smart Clicker
  • Interactive Toy (Kong Wobbler or IQ Ball®)(Small or Large)
  • Pet Tutor Floor Base

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