Smart Training Feeder

$ 299.00

Pet Tutor® Smart Training Feeder  

Ships in Approximately 2 - 3  Weeks.

Our Smart Training Feeder (with Extended Range Bluetooth) reduces unwanted behavior and provides enrichment using your pet's food, easing household stress.  

Choose from one of two size options:

  • "Original" Smart Training Feeder holds 5.0 cups of food and is 10.5 inches tall.
  • "Shorty" Smart Training Feeder holds 3.0 cups of food and due to its portable 8.5 inches tall, "Shorty" is more travel-friendly.

The only difference between the "Original" and the "Shorty is the shorter tube. 

Two ways to trigger the feeder using Bluetooth:

  • Phone Application
  • Smart Clicker (Optional to using the phone application, sold separately)


  • Auto Mode: Tell the app how often to dispense and just hit go. This can also be done using the Smart Clicker.
  • Bark Reduction: Phone app feature withholds treats when pet makes noise/barks to reward quiet.
  • Quiet: Incredibly quiet treat dispensing, allowing for the pet to not be scared and the individual to not get annoyed.
  • Jam Proof: Your pets favorite treats or food will deliver flawlessly, no matter the size! Even use a mix of different size treats!
  • Extended Range: Using Bluetooth Wireless, your phone/tablet works 100-200 feet away from the feeder, and the Smart Clicker works up to 500 feet away! 

Mounting Options: (*Optional)

1. Hang From Handle: Hang it on a hook, kennel, or on top of a wire crate, etc.


2. Travel Bowl Set* or Floor Mount* : Optional Travel Bowl Set or Floor Base can set on the floor or counter. The Travel Bowl Set is more portable, while the Floor Base is a better option for working on grass or uneven surfaces. 


3. Standard Duty Crate Mount* or Heavy Duty Crate Mount*: Optional Crate Mount can mount outside the crate or kennel.


4. Attachment Kit for Klimb Table*: If you already have a Klimb Table, this is the perfect accessory mount for the Smart Training Feeder. 



  • Smart Training Feeder ("Original" or "Shorty")
  • Pet Tutor Blu Application on Android or iOS
  • AC Wall Adapter/USB Cord
  • Quick Start Instruction Guide

Not Included:

  • Floor Base
  • Standard or Heavy Duty Crate Mount 
  • D-Cell Batteries
  • Smart Clicker

Made In Indianapolis, IN USA American Flag

NOTE:  The following videos show the original remote (now replaced by an app for your smartphone or tablet) and the optional floor base or crate mount.