NEW extended range Smart Clicker™

$ 99.00


The Smart Clicker™ is the newest member of the Generation 3 Pet Tutor® family of versatile smart pet products. It has many uses for training in conjunction with the Pet Tutor feeder. This NEW Gen 3 Smart Clicker is used to control a Gen 3 feeder WITHOUT the need for a phone or tablet. If the feeder is on just grab the Smart Clicker anytime to delivery a treat without the need to is always ready to go!! (compatible with Gen 3 feeders which are all feeders shipped in 2018)



Manual button can be used to trigger the feeder for those who like clickers. NO PHONE NEEDED!

Single Dispense Command to Feeder

Start Timed Interval mode in Feeder(uses settings made in phone or default settings)



Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy wireless uses a common CR2032 coin battery


LED mode light

Spare battery compartment

Smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 required.