PupPod Wobbler
PupPod Wobbler

PupPod Wobbler

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The PupPod Wobbler is a mental stimulation puzzle toy that can be paired with a Pet Tutor® Smart Training Feeder. The PupPod Wobbler toy uses sounds, lights, and timing to create an interactive puzzle game. Dogs touch the toy at the correct time to earn food rewards from the Pet Tutor and as dogs learn, the game gets harder to keep them engaged.

PupPod can be used to:

  • Turn meal time info a physical and mental activity
  • Keep puppies occupied
  • Give working breeds a job
  • Encourage slow eating
  • Redirect minor separation anxiety
  • Provide a low impact activity during surgery or injury recovery 
  • Address the special needs of blind and deaf dogs
  • Give senior dogs mental stimulation

To begin, a dog just has to get close to the PupPod Wobbler and motion sensors detect that the dog has come by for a sniff. This triggers a reward from the Pet Tutor and the learning process begins. Next a dog learns to touch for a reward, then touch when a cue sound is played. Then you can increase the time between sounds so your dog has to concentrate longer. Then a second sound is added for a discrimination task and finally, dogs learn self-control – to only touch the toy on the correct sound. Throughout the learning process, the Pet Tutor marks success and provides rewards. As new features are released, just update the PupPod mobile app, which pushes updates to the toy over Bluetooth.

What's Included?

  • PupPod Wobbler Toy
  • PupPod Mobile App for Android or iOS


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