Pet Tunes by Pet Acoustics

$ 54.95

Pet Tunes Bluetooth speaker is a pre-loaded with special frequency modulated music clinically tested and proven to reduce stress and calm pet anxiety.

To calm your dog we think Pet Tunes is a great tool alone or in combination with Pet Tutor®.

Possible applications: thunderstorms, separation anxiety, fireworks and loud environments or for just the best nap on the planet


  • Pre-loaded with 90 minutes of original calming music
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery charge lasts 5-10 hours
  • Music pre-loaded on a 1GB Micro SD Card (included)
  • USB charging cable/ 1/8 inch input chord included
  • Easy click-on to play
  • Up / Down volume controls
  • Includes lanyard to hang Pet Tunes anywhere​


  • Speaker Dimensions: L 50-MM D 50-MM W 50-MM
  • Speaker Weight: 130g
  • Output: RMS3W THD = 10%
  • Frequency Response: 150-18000HZ ( =-3DB)
  • Signal and Noise Ratio of Power Amplifier: >=80dB
  • Loud Speaker: 1.77 (external diameter 45mm)
  • Magnetic resistance 4 Ohms
  • Line In/5 V: USB power supply, audio input

How to Use Pet Tunes

  • ​Music- 90 minutes of Pre-loaded automatic repeating Pet Acoustics calming music for your pet. Slide the toggle down to start the music after the unit has been fully charged.​
  • Charge- Music plays up to 10 hours on a full charge. Give Pet Tunes a full charge with the USB charger cord (included) going from your computer/or other power supply at the top of the speaker insert that’s marked Line-In.
  • You will know it needs a charge if there is a Red Light at the back of the speaker.
  • When it is fully charged there is no light at the back.
  • When it plays, there is a Blue blinking light.
  • When you charge with a computer, it does not play while it’s charging.
  • To charge and play continuously, use with a USB / AC adaptor like an Android or iPhone/iTablet charger into the wall.
  • How to change the music- The arrows from right to left change the track selections
  • How to change volume- The arrows from top to bottom change the volume levels.
  • The Center button when pressed quickly will Pause the music.

To use the Bluetooth feature follow these steps:

  • Press the center button until you hear a series of Beeps. 
  • Then go to your Bluetooth device and press Connect or Pair.It should recognize Pet Tunes. If it asks for a PIN press 0000.
  • Settings> Bluetooth> Pair to Connect> Pin is 0000> then you’ll hear one “beep” when it is connected.
  • You only need to use a PIN once to establish the Bluetooth with your device. The Speaker will automatically connect each time.