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Pet Tutor® with Bluetooth

$ 299.00


This is our treat and food precision dispenser with Bluetooth 4.0 included.  This system uses a phone/tablet(Android & iOS) for the remote so there is NO separate handheld remote provided.(option coming soon). With just this feeder and your phone you are ready to train!*   

The construction of this feeder includes a stainless steel handle this a durable and long lasting feeder for professionals.  

In addition the plastic parts are food safe and dishwasher safe(except for the electronics pack;-)

The patent pending food delivery system is a breakthrough in technology which makes the feeder very resistant to jamming and 

Incredibly quiet! Literally many say the only thing they hear with the unit is running is the drop of the kibble.

Three Mounting Options!

1. Hanging From Handle: Hang it on a wall hook, kennel, set it on top of wire crate sets etc.

2. Floor Base* : Optional Floor Base can set on the floor or counter

3. Crate Mount*: Optional Crate Mount can mount outside the crate or kennel

*Optional. See "Special Accessories"

Pet Tutor® Pro is a revolutionary training system engineered to be reliable, ultra quiet and versatile. Built for demanding professionals. The feeder holds 5 cups of kibble or treats with wireless communication to the smart remote(included). Our smartphone/table app can be triggered manually or automatically  Reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and more. Provide hours of fun and interactive play for a more joyful fulfilling day. Turn feeding time into a natural, energy burning chase and play activity. Made to last with high quality materials(stainless steel and dishwasher safe plastic)

The range between a phone/tablet is typically 30 feet without internet access. Coming soon:  A new app to allow triggering over the internet and a long range remote control.

This Starter Package Includes:

- One Pet Tutor Feeder  5" diameter x 10.5" tall

- Pet Tutor Blu app on Android or iOS  

- A quick start guide

NOTE:  The following videos show the original remote (now replaced by an app for your smartphone or tablet) and the optional floor base or crate mount.

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