PupPod Package

$ 499.00

$ 547.00

Pet Tutor® PupPod Package  

Ships in Approximately 2 - 3  Weeks

Provide your dog with ultimate product combination for mental stimulation and canine enrichment.  Your dog interacts with the PupPod Wobbler toy to earn food rewards from the Smart Training Feeder and the game gets harder as your dog gets smarter.

Dog's learn to touch on cue, discriminate between sounds, and learn self-control. Increase the time between sounds to increase concentration. Dogs can play off sounds or lights-- working for blind and deaf dogs! 


  • Pet Tutor Smart Training Feeder 
  • PupPod

    Smart Training Feeder Made In Indianapolis, IN USA American Flag


    “Pairing the Pet Tutor and the PupPod allows you to provide an engaging and interactive game for your dog to prevent boredom. It’s a great rainy day exercise when you can’t get your dog out of the house.” Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA