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Smartphone/Tablet Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Upgrade Package

$ 99.00


If you already have the Pet Tutor® PRO feeder it may be upgraded to add Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy / Smart Bluetooth).  This allows the feeder to communicate with smart devices such as tablets and smartphones and to work with our apps for iOS(Apple) and Android.

This package option includes additional hardware and software that may be added to previously purchased Pet Tutor Pro feeder.  Existing units must be sent back to our workshop. One upgrade package is required for each feeder to be upgraded. 

This package includes:

  • Additional hardware for Bluetooth Low Energy added to the feeder.
  • Additional software in the feeder
  • App for iOS devices(iPhone, iPad , iPod Touch etc)
  • App for Android devices


  • Control from 1 to 10 Pet Tutor® feeders from a single smartphone or tablet
  • Control clicker sound volume from smartphone or tablet
  • Timed Interval treat delivery with settings for : interval, random and # dispenses
  • Training Criteria mode: counts hits and misses on criteria from Smart Clicker(tm)
  • Track rate of reinforcement when used with Smart Clicker
  • Electronic measurement of timing between clickers for clicker training instructors


  • Can I add this package to my Pet Tutor® Pro at the time of checkout?  Yes!
  • Can I send in my Pro unit for the upgrade? Yes! (but will Rover let it leave?) 
    • Previously Purchased Pet Tutor® Upgrade--> Instructions.
  • What does adding Bluetooth Low Energy give me? - A key feature that BLE gives you is the ability to trigger the feeder from your smartphone or tablet.  This will also work with our line of future accessories based on BLE.
  • What is the range between the smartphone and the feeder? This will vary by the type of smartphone/tablet. Users report getting between 20 and 50 feet. The phone does not trigger the feeder over the internet and must be within bluetooth range to operate the feeder. 
  • Will BLE change the original capabilities of my Pet Tutor® Pro? - No! Your existing Pet Tutor Pro functions are not affected (including remote) by the upgrade. You simply get more functions and capabilities via smart devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Is my smartphone, tablet, or iPad compatible with BLE? - Not all devices are presently BLE-compatible. In order to be sure you should ask your manufacturer but we have also provided a list [link].
  • Is the smartphone/tablet app available on Apple (iOS) and Android? - Yes. The app works on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with BLE. The Android app is now in the Google Play Store.



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