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Smartphones and Tablets 

Our app can remotely trigger the feeder and even start auto dispense programs. Use it to control from 1 to 10 feeders.

Plus NEW Smart Clicker™ (coming soon!)

note: The app replaces the remote shown in videos

Interactive Games

Pet Tutor interactive games slow down eating and create more mental and physical activity for your dog. Our Smart Clicker(coming soon!) includes a tilt sensor that can be put into dog toys to make them smart toys that trigger the feeder!

Reduce barking in the car



Stress free vet visits

Stress free nail trimming

Stress free nail trimming and grooming!

Kennel operations (doggie daycare, service dog training, shelters)


Calm and reduce barking

Training many dogs at once!

"..The Pet Tutor is top of the line.."

"’s easy to get addicted to the Pet Tutor" -Whole Dog Journal Gear of The Year

"U really thought about everything! It Rocks...I really like how well made it is..." Kevin Knartzer trainer/owner Tails Up Paws Down

Customer review

"Pet Tutor automatically helps me increase time in the crate in class" -Jamie Popper Professional Trainer

Customer review

International lecturer and multi species professional trainer

"I love it!" -Ken McCort

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Reducing stress on car ride

Pet Tutor® is Open Architecture

For custom training applications or even new products programmers can write programs to interface to Pet Tutor

"The PetTutor® feeder provides a powerful platform for creating all sorts of exciting tools for a new generation of computer-savvy trainers and computer-savvy dogs."

David L. Roberts, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University

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Games for cats