Ultimate Game Pack

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At Pet Tutor we believe learning should be fun and what is more fun than playing a game or solving a puzzle?

What you get

Pet Tutor® Smart Feeder. Trigger the feeder from a phone or the Smart Clicker which is included. The feeder accepts a wide range of treats/food and resists jamming which often happens with many dispensers.

Smart Clicker™. This is a really smart remote! First you can manually trigger the feeder without a phone from up to 500 feet away (you may need binoculars). One cool feature for interactive smart games is the built-in TILT sensor.  Just put the Smart Clicker into TILT mode and place it inside one of the toys included in this package and let the fun begin with the "touch" game. When your dog touches the toy it will trigger the feeder some distance away (see video below).  Get creative and hide the toy or put the feeder at the bottom of the stairs and the toy at the top and you have a doggie stairmaster! And if you are not playing games you can use the Smart Clicker to train your dog from a distance.

2 Interactive toys (Kong Wobbler™, IQ Treat Ball®). The Smart Clicker™ can go inside either of these toys to let your dog trigger the feeder by touching the toy. The Wobbler™ tends to stay where you put it, while the ball rolls around for the dog to find so you can mix up the game action.

Floor Mount. This allows you to set the feeder anywhere you like.  But don't forget that feeder also comes with a handle so you can hang somewhere and let the treats scatter.


Starting in 2013 we introduced the first interactive wireless device that could be used to create games for pets.  By simply putting our wireless sensor into existing treat toys than can become smart interactive toys! This means the puzzle or game can be changed by different toys or the way you place them around the room.  

How does it work?

Our “Smart Clicker” has several functions, one of which is a built in TILT sensor. When your dog bumps or touches a toy with the Smart Clicker inside SURPRISE! ...the Pet Tutor dispenses a treats or food.  The further the toy is from the feeder the more running and energy burning your pet is doing (“a tired dog is a good dog”). Want to make a find-it puzzle? Put the toy around the corner and watch your dog run back and forth to the food. Or some customers have put the toy at the bottom of the stairs and the feeder at the top so the dog is running up and down the stairs.  You can even create a handle for your pet to push and attach the Smart Clicker to that. For agility you can put the feeder on one end of an obstacle and the toy on the other.

The Holiday Ultimate Game pack includes Feeder, Smart Clicker, Floor base and 2 toys (Kong Wobbler™, IQ Treat Ball®)

Ultimate Game pack  and PupPod Comparison

What is the PupPod and what’s the difference with the Ultimate Game pack?

PupPod, Inc is a  3rd party company focused on games for dogs which utilize the Pet Tutor feeder.  The PupPod has several levels of challenge using sound cues to tell your dog when to touch the toy. At the main level the Pet Tutor Ultimate Game pack works very similar to the PupPod but the PupPod offers other levels to extend the game play.  The Ultimate Game pack includes the Smart Clicker which can also be used as a remote control so it has flexibility for other training uses.

 If you want the basic game play and the ability to use a wide range of toys and have a separate remote then the Ultimate Game pack is the answer. 

If you want a longer game time and sound triggers the PupPod can give you those.

    Ultimate Game Pack Holiday Special Includes:
  1.  Pet Tutor®
  2.  Floor Base
  3.  Smart Clicker™
  4.  FREE: Kong Wobbler™ (select small or large) .. OR... IQ Treat Ball® (select 3"small or 4"large ball)

NOTE: Toy ordered must be larger than the width of your dog's mouth.

Let The Games Begin!