Professional Package

$ 1,595.00

$ 1,798.95

Usually Ships in 2 -3 Weeks

This is our NEW smart treat and food precision dispenser with extended range(100+ feet!) Bluetooth 4.2 included

Are you a trainer, doggie daycare or boarding operator?  Or do you have your own little pack?  The Professional Package is designed for you! The package is a savings of over $300 if purchased separately. Note: Other discounts do not apply to this discounted package.

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Reduce noise in kennels, boarding and shelters with positive reinforcement

Powerful technology means one trainer can work with many dogs at once!

Create smart games with our unique Smart Clicker and built in movement sensor.

Package includes:

5 of our ultra quiet revolutionary smart dispensers with Bluetooth 4.2

3 Crate Mounts so durable they have a lifetime warranty

1 Floor Base and like our crate mount it carries a lifetime warranty

1 Smart Clicker(tm) to create interactive games or log clicker training data

Pet Tutor with our Bluetooth 4.0 technology puts the power to control many feeders on your smartphone or tablet.  For kennels and multi-crate settings this means one trainer can treat many dogs at once or remotely put each feeder into auto feed and more.

Reduce kennel barking and create a calm environment! 


Train several dogs at once(hangs on the wall)