NEW extended range Pet Tutor® with Bluetooth

$ 299.00


NEW! Extended Range Smart Training Feeder


Our Smart Feeder reduces unwanted behavior and provides enrichment using your pet's food or treats easing household stress.

Two ways to trigger the feeder using Bluetooth(r):


  • AUTO mode: Tell the app how often to dispense and just hit go. Bonus! can also be started from Smart Clicker.
  • Bark reduction: Phone app (Bark feature on iPhone/iPad only) withholds treats when dog barks to reward quiet.
  • Incredibly Quiet. Why do customers like the incredibly quiet feature? Because it does not scare their dog and no one else knows it's working!
  • Jam proof. What does this mean to your dog? Their favorite food or treats will deliver flawlessly. Even use a "trail mix" of different size treats!
  • Range. Phones 100-200 feet from the feeder. Smart Clicker can be up to 500 feet away! 

Mounting Options!

1. Hanging From Handle: Hang it on a wall hook, kennel, set it on top of wire crate sets etc.


2. Floor Base* : Optional Floor Base can set on the floor or counter


3. Crate Mount*: Optional Crate Mount can mount outside the crate or kennel


*Optional. See Accessories



  • One Pet Tutor Feeder  5" diameter x 10.5" tall with stainless handle(5 cup capacity)
  • Pet Tutor Blu app on Android or iOS  in the app stores
  • AC wall adapter

Not Included:

  • Floor base or crate mount
  • 2 D-cell batteries
  • Smart Clicker remote control (optional to using phone app)

NOTE:  The following videos show the original remote (now replaced by an app for your smartphone or tablet) and the optional floor base or crate mount.