Smart Clicker
Smart Clicker
Smart Clicker
Smart Clicker

Smart Clicker

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Our Smart Clicker is an alternative to using a phone/tablet to control the feeder. The Smart Clicker has an impressive range and three modes at your fingertips.

  • Modes: Manual, Auto, Tilt
  • Range up to 500 feet outdoors and wall penetration indoors.
  • Games/Puzzles: TILT sensor creates doggie controlled games and puzzles.
  • Hands free grooming or vet care using TILT mode.
  • Clicker Trainers: Training data log in optional app.
  • Quiet Kennels: Trigger unlimited number of feeders at once in kennels. 


  • Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy Wireless 
  • No WiFi needed
  • Uses CR2032 battery(typical battery life is 2-3 weeks)
  • Direct Control of Generation 3 Feeder

 Made In Indianapolis,IN USA 

Feeders ship in January

Currently we ship to the US and Canada.

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