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Fenzi Dog Sport Academy Training Camp June 19-22, 2016 St. Louis, MO.

Family Paws Parent Education Conference July 30-July 31, 2016 Raleigh, NC.

Pet Professional Guild Summit November 7-11, 2016 Tampa, FL


NC State researchers use computers to train dogs

"...When Yuschak tells Diesel to, ‘sit, sit,’ the computer will recognize if the dog obeys; if so, Diesel, or any dog participating, hears a single beep.

The system immediately triggers a device, the Pet Tutor® ,to give the dog a treat for following commands..."

Whole Dog Journal - Gear Of The Year

"Whether human or canine, it’s easy to get addicted to the Pet Tutor, the newest high-tech treat-dispensing system on the market. After hearing all the buzz about it from several of my trainer friends, I purchased the device a few months ago, and after a quick, easy setup, my dog, Cody, was addicted to it in less than three dispenses (and so was I)!"   -Whole Dog Journal January 2016 "Gear Of The Year" Product Review

"My Vizsla Tries the Pet Tutor Interactive Feeder and Trainer"

"..The Pet Tutor is top of the line.."


PupPod chooses Pet Tutor®.

Pet Tutor® Open is our program to allow other developers to use Pet Tutor® in their own products

Discovery Channel Video


Dancing Dog Blog

"Pet Tutor provides life enrichment with games and rewards, so your dog will get mental stimulation and physical exercise when you’re not home."

Pet World Insider - Behind The Product

"This is truly amazing!" -Pet World Insider

 Amanda Hessel named Entrepreneur Of The Year By Women In The Pet Industry!


"The ecosystem of the Beans and PetTutor(r) feeder provides a powerful platform for creating all sorts of exciting tools for a new generation of computer-savvy trainers and computer-savvy dogs."

David L. Roberts, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University


"I wish I had these 40 years ago! The Pet Tutors that you've designed and are distributing are just marvels. They are orders of magnitude better than the feeders of old. It is possible to use so many types of food in these feeders and have them dispensed with precision and reliability. They are light years ahead of what we had and frankly light years ahead of anything I've seen in the recent markets. It’s limited only by the user's imagination."

Bob Bailey, Former CEO/COO Animal Behavior Enterprises, international consultant.

"Smart Animal Training Systems (non-aversive, high-tech, science-based super fantastic dog training toolmakers, the guys who made the Pet Tutor) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance their latest brainchild. Please consider supporting them. They do a ton of good for dogs..This is such a huge part of the future of dog training, leveraging technology to deliver treats for both operant and classical applications. The Academy supports this effort and encourages everyone interested in humane and evidence-based methods to support this campaign."

Jean Donaldson, Founder The Academy for Dog Trainers[Renowned authority in science based dog training]

"This thing is awesome!!!" -Kristin Hohlt

"U really thought about everything! It Rocks...I really like how well made it is..."

-Kevin Knartzer trainer/owner Tails Up Paws Down